Don't Get Us Wrong. Poodles Are Great. Cute. Fluffy.

But Cute & Fluffy Doesn't Get the Job Done.

Picking through all the providers, hardware and software your teammates, vendors and suppliers throw at you can be brutal. It's a big, bold world of information technology out there. And the thought of making the wrong decisions can be a pretty scary situation. And cute and fluffy won't cut it. You need tenacity, resilience, decisiveness and built into a big powerful package. You need work done. You need productivity. You need an advantage. You need a powerhouse to push your team over the finish line. You need a Devil Dog. 

Make That Money, Young Buck. Make That Money

Do you spend most of your budget on IT support? Or do you avoid spending it on IT because the prices out there to purchase it. Add that to  having a provider install it because last time, when Bill from accounting installed the printer, the coffee tasted like printer ink and the printer perculated when you made copies, and then another provider to test it. We get it. And we understand those trials you go through. Running a business is costly and stressful enough as it is. Engaging a managed service provider that can barely manage themselves can be even more catastrophic to a business budget. We can help you keep more money in your company pocket, while we make money to. Then you can impulse buy that Hello Kitty Collector's Pocket Watch you've been eyeing for the last 6 months or in-game purchase that awesome item on Fortnight you really want. Hey, we don't judge. Our owner has an addiction to RocketBooks (they are kinda cool, though, to be honest...) and adding subwoofer #32 to his car stereo system (you can hear him coming from the Moon, and yes we are taking bets he electrocutes himself when he hooks it up to the generator and 8 spare batteries he had to buy to power it...) We're saying it's your money, spend it on what you want to. Not on the same IT issues over and over again.


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Semper Fi, No Remorse, No Retreat

At the end of the day it's all about productivity, power, passion and satisfaction. And when you put it all on the line, in the thick of the battle to outmaneuver and outwit the competition, it's ultimately comes down to who you need on your side to help achieve those goals. This is a cutthroat, fast paced, Dog Eat Dog world of business and infrastructure out there. And we think you're gonna want the biggest, strongest, meanest and leanest fighting machine on your side. A brute force of sheer will and determination to get it done and done right the first time. The ugliest, grittiest, drunken bar brawler only a mother could love. A Devil Dog. And at Devil Dog Agile Systems, you get a whole lot of that at your disposal. Our tradecraft specialties are one of the most flexible and fluid skillsets in our field. General Capentry, Facilities Maintenance, software, servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, phone, cameras, networks, low-voltage ,low electrical, break-fix, development, design and implementation, migration, mitigation, marketing and advertising, customer service and project management are some of those skills just to name a few. And we like winning. A lot. Trophies and being part of your winning team is the Awesome Sauce we eat on our breakfast burritos. It's why we're the best. And probably why we have heartburn. Either way, like Charlie Sheen, we've got Tiger Blood and we're Winning! Winning! Winning! Win with us.

So run with the Big Dogs and hire a Devil Dog. Give us a call email or snail mail to find out more!

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